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Power tools like drills, saws, nailers, and grinders are invaluable to our projects. They save time and energy and keep us working safely. But what happens when your tools start to malfunction? Even with the best care and maintenance, wear and tear are inevitable. Here's how to tell when your devices need repair and where to find the best tool repair shop in Long Island.

5 Signs That You Need Professional Tool Servicing

A malfunctioning power tool is a serious concern, regardless of whether it's corded or cordless. That said, power tools give clear warning signs that say it's time to visit a tool repair shop, and here are the top five to look out for.

1.Your Power Tool Screeches or Squeals

Lubrication is usually enough to stop a power tool from making unusual noises. But if it's making unexpected high-pitched sounds, there may be a problem with the gears, switches, or the type of lubricant used for the tool. Take it to a tool repair shop for thorough cleaning and maintenance.

2.Your Power Tool Gives Off A Burning Smell

The smell of burning plastic or overheating metal is a surefire sign of a malfunctioning tool. Usually, a power tool stops working soon afterward as a safety precaution, but turn it off immediately after you pick up this unmistakable scent. Let it rest and cool down for about 30 minutes before checking for damage.

3.Your Power Tool Throws Sparks Or Smoke

A power tool can ignite and burn if debris enters it or if internal parts break. Never use smoking or sparking power tools. Instead, turn it off immediately, let it cool, and then check the vents for foreign particles. If you find any sign of heat damage, take it for tool repair.

4.Your Power Tool Loses Strength

Your power tools may start, but if their power is much lower than expected, you may need tool repair. Check that the speed or power loss isn't because of a low battery or power brownout. Consider getting new parts from a tool servicing shop and switching to manual tools. Don't use a weak tool, as it worsens the damage and poses a safety risk.

5.Your Power Tool Won't Start

Tools that won't start usually have electrical problems from the effects of water, heat, accumulated dirt, or damaged cords. Turn off the tool and disconnect it from the power outlet or battery, then check the power switch, motor, battery connectors, wires, and plugs for damage.

Dynamite Tool Co Can Save Your Power Tools

Power tool manufacturers always offer maintenance recommendations concerning lubrication, adjustments, and troubleshooting. However, a faulty tool may be outside its warranty period or damaged due to mishandling. Don't expose yourself to unnecessary risks or lose time on your projects. Visit Dynamite Tool Co for comprehensive tool servicing. We're authorized to repair corded and cordless power tools from leading manufacturers and brands, and we guarantee that your repaired tools will work as intended. Visit our tool repair shop at 1551 Smithtown Ave, Bohemia, NY, or call 1 (800) 640-8665. Our factory-trained staff will sort out your needs. Restore your power tools with Dynamite Tool Co today.

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