Pricing Policy for Online Merchandise


At, our commitment to our customers is to offer convenience, service and product availability online at competitive prices. We also offer merchandise at promotional prices. is a separate company and operates independently from the Dynamite Tool Co store. Because they are separate companies, the products, prices and promotions offered online and in Dynamite Tool Co store may differ.

We may offer merchandise on-line at the same price at which it is offered in Dynamite Tool Co store, and our promotions may follow those that you'll find in the Dynamite Tool Co store. However, in some cases, the prices will be different because the website and store may choose to offer items at different prices or may run different promotional events at different times. Additionally, may offer a product, price or promotion that is not available in the store.

For this reason, prices and other promotional offers (such as coupons and additional discounts) offered at may not be applied toward purchases from Dynamite Tool store. Similarly, prices and other promotional offers (such as promotion codes and free shipping) from Dynamite Tool Co stores may not be applied toward purchases from

DISCLAIMER: Pricing Errors & Corrections

While we try to ensure accuracy, we reserve the right at any time to correct any errors in pricing or descriptions and to cancel or refuse to accept any order based on an incorrect price or description.

Due to the high volatility of price changes, our site may not have the most current manufacturer pricing on some items. We regret that in some instances this may be the case. If we find the on-line price is incorrect we will notify the customer of this before proceeding with the order.